Join JSI at the 12th Annual Conference on Health and Humanitarian Logistics

September 24th, 2020 | Event


As countries around the world respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, already strained health supply chains are being tested. We are leading the way in transforming global health supply chains that meet people’s health needs and are resilient enough to withstand shocks, such as the one that COVID-19 has delivered. 

At this year’s Conference on Health and Humanitarian Logistics, our supply chain experts and our affiliates will discuss key experiences in strengthening supply chains to support the COVID-19 response and help safeguard routine health services and supplies. 

A special thanks to Nadia Olson and Walter Proper for participating in the HHL 2020 Program Committee and as co-hosts/moderators for the conference.

Learn more about our innovative supply chain work at the following presentations and workshops.


Adapting supply chain protocols of electronic logistics management information systems to accommodate emergency response supplies with minimal disruption to routine health services
Christopher Opit and Jacob Chatora, eSCMIS Project, John Snow Health Zambia Limited
September 30, Zoom Room #4 11:15-12:15pm EST

After the Pandemic: Supply Chains of the Future
Edward Wilson, JSI
September 29, Zoom Room #3 11:15-12:15pm EST

Evolution of the IMPACT team approach through Human-Centered Design and Adaptive Learning
Judith Omondi Anyona, inSupply Health Limited (ISH), Ann-Marie Yongho, JSI
September 30, Zoom Room #3 11:15-12:15pm EST

Indonesia Goes Mobile to Manage Family Planning Commodities
Omar Balsara and Barbara Lamphere, MyChoice Project, JSI
September 29, Zoom Room #4 11:15-12:15pm EST.

Some countries will excel at introducing the COVID-19 vaccine and some will not. Which will you be?
Wendy Prosser, JSI
September 29, Zoom Room #3 11:15-12:15pm EST

Using lessons learned from COVID-19 crisis responses to improve supply chain sustainability, and streamline existing public health procurement and logistics
Ishmael Muchemenyi, Partnership for Supply Chain Management
September 29, Zoom Room #3 11:15-12:15pm EST


Supporting States and Cities in the US respond to Covid-19 Supply Chain Issues
David Sarley and Chelsea Greene (Restart Us) Taylor Wilkerson (Mitre Corporation), Edward Wack and Diane Jamrong (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), Laila Akhlaghi (IAPHL and JSI)
September 29, Zoom Room 5 11:15-12:15pm EST

The 3 investment steps for actualizing data use for more agile health supply chains needed in pandemics like COVID-19
Harrison Mariki, Swetha Srinath, Ann-Marie Yongho, Matthew Mganga (ISH and JSI)
October 1, Zoom Room 5 11:15-12:15pm EST

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