HIV and Infectious Diseases


Partnerships for Innovative HIV and Infectious Disease Programs

We work with governments and health care organizations around the world to directly implement and build local capacity for sustainable evidence-based and context-specific solutions. Learning from communities and countries, JSI’s technical expertise helps establish and expand programs that deliver high-quality, comprehensive prevention and treatment services for individuals, promote health equity, and prepare for outbreaks.

Broad-based health system strengthening and concerted efforts to remove barriers to health services for diverse populations help mitigate the occurrence and effects of HIV and other infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, COVID-19, viral hepatitis, malaria, and Ebola. We develop and implement programs that examine structural inequities, address stigma and discrimination, maximize limited resources, and sustainably improve knowledge and skills to increase health care access.

The Center for HIV and Infectious Diseases spans JSI’s U.S. and international divisions as well as World Education. An internal think tank, it draws on JSI and World Education’s successes and global experience, advancing innovation, disseminating technical expertise, and encouraging data-driven management practices for continuous improvement to ensure that we are at the forefront of epidemic control.

JSI has demonstrated expertise in helping prevent the spread of HIV, TB, and other infectious diseases, and in improving access to treatment and care, resulting in better health outcomes for all.


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