Capacity Building


Building the Capacity of Organizations to Achieve their Public Health Vision

As organizations fulfill their public health missions, train their workforces, and expand services to people in their communities, they often need support and guidance to improve their systems and increase their skills to reach their goals. We take a “whole-organization” approach to capacity development, with the ultimate goal of leaving behind a stronger organization, regardless of the technical program focus or funding.

We help strengthen the infrastructure that organizations require to be sustainable and more effective. We offer one-on-one and intensive technical assistance, targeted consultation, training, and mentoring tailored to the needs and culture of each organization with which we work. Our underlying goal is to help them achieve their missions through sustainable change in governance, structure, systems, and operations.

In all that we do, we build trust by working closely with organizations and managers to identify their strengths, assess needs, and develop cost-effective strategies to enhance their organizational infrastructure, staff skills, and expertise. The JSI/World Education Center for Capacity Development was launched in 2013 to promote innovation, and share best practices, tools, and approaches across projects, disciplines, and contexts. Our services blend years of experience with evidence-based practices adapted to meet the needs of our partners.

JSI to host a training on Building Capacity to Improve Pharmaceutical and Medical Commodity Management in Humanitarian and Disaster Settings.


Capacity Building


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