Capacity Building


Strengthening Capacity of Systems and Stakeholders to Achieve Results

The JSI/World Education Center for Capacity Development defines capacity development as strengthening the capacity of systems and stakeholders—individuals, communities, civil society, governments, and the private sector—to achieve results. We recognize that stakeholders exist within a dynamic system and that there are diverse capacities at many levels within the system. As we work with stakeholders, we strive to understand both local systems and an organization’s culture and strengths, and use this deep understanding to provide targeted support.

We view capacity development as a deliberate,  tailored process to strengthen an organization’s technical and organizational capacity by enhancing the knowledge and skills of its workforce and supporting its processes, systems, and programs. These efforts can help an organization develop partnerships, mobilize resources, achieve results, and influence broader systems change.

We take a “whole-organization” approach to capacity development, with the ultimate goal of leaving behind a stronger organization, regardless of the technical program focus or funding. We do this by using an iterative co-creation approach that positions organizations and JSI as equal partners; supporting the development of highly contextualized action plans to build organizational and technical capacity; providing customized technical assistance that meets partners where they are; and adapting our capacity development interventions through constant learning.


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