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Better Health Outcomes. FOR ALL.

Better health care. Better outcomes.

In the U.S., we are driving innovative, sustainable solutions to the most pressing health care challenges of our times. Through training and technical assistance, strategic planning, needs assessment, research, and program evaluation, we equip health providers and communities to strengthen health systems to achieve better health outcomes for all.

With years of experience and a strong team of dedicated people, we provide a broad range of services to the public and private health sectors to enable people to live to their full health potential.

Social determinants of health.

We understand that sustainable, healthier outcomes result from addressing the social determinants that affect overall health and well-being. Services must extend beyond medical care to include public health, behavioral health, environmental conditions, and social services including housing, transportation, and other services that impact individuals’ capacities to access health care.


We believe in the power of working together. Our success comes from our ability to work closely with our clients and stakeholders toward a common goal.


We are adaptable. We bring extensive knowledge about best practices and what we know works and use it to meet the needs of clients based on their goals and resources.

Pandemic Perspectives
Pandemic Perspectives: COVID-19 What’s Next Series

The global pandemic highlighted challenges within the health care system and created a demand for rapid innovation.

In this series, our US-based staff share their perspectives on the Pandemic Response, the lessons learned, and the solutions that could shape the future of public health.


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A father and his young daughter who is learning all about gardening at the family allotment. She is being encouraged by her father as she plants fresh produce in the soil. She is patting it down securely where that produce will grow.

Parks, Recreation, and Health Care: Partnerships to Advance Health Equity and Improve Outcomes

Shannon Spurlock, program director of the Rhode Island Prevention Resource Center, holds the cape she was wearing to PrevCon 2022

Prevention is Hope: Celebrating 10 Years Supporting RI Prevention Providers

The Partnership @drugfreeNH is observing the week by hosting weekday Facebook Live events to interview and celebrate New Hampshire Prevention Specialists.

Everyone Has a Role in Prevention


Years of Experience

JSI began working in the United States in 1978 with our first project, Region 1 Family Planning Data Systems.



JSI implements about 145 projects in the United States at any given time. They span national to local initiatives.



JSI has worked in all 50 states, improving the health of people and communities and the systems that serve them.

Partner With Us

JSI strives to build lasting relationships with partners across diverse geographic regions and technical sectors to produce better health outcomes for all.