Applied Research and Evaluation


Applied Research & Evaluation to Support Better Health Care Systems and Programs

Health care initiatives and policies can do more for people when they are built on and guided by evidence and sound principals. This requires gathering and analyzing data. We conduct robust research and data collection and uncover the stories—and the possibilities—behind the numbers.

We start program planning by asking questions. Who will the programs serve? What challenges may be encountered? What’s worked in the past? We use implementation science and human-centered design approaches to answer these questions, implement programs, and continuously improve them.

We monitor and evaluate programs using timely data that allows us to adapt quickly to changes in the environment and establish best practices that we share with communities, states, and countries.

We also build organizational capacity to collect, analyze, and share data to guide programmatic and policy decisions. We provide training and technical assistance in applied research, research translation, and data collection, use, visualization, analysis, and evaluation.


Applied Research and Evaluation


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