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People-centered Supply Chains of the Future

Strong supply chains save lives. JSI is committed to ensuring that people have on-demand access to high-quality, affordable health supplies where, when, and how they want to receive them. We do this by:

  • Transforming health supply chains powered by data
  • Developing and shaping a healthy marketplace
  • Connecting supply and demand
  • Solving tomorrow’s health supply chains challenges

We offer innovative scalable solutions to accelerate more resilient, equitable global health supply chains capable of withstanding future shocks and disruptions. Learn more about our approach to strengthening and scaling consumer-centric supply chains.


Policy and Governance
We foster commodity security by working with partners to strengthen policies, planning and the regulatory context.
In Nigeria, through the Access Collaborative project, JSI supported FMOH’s stewardship of the family planning (FP) program through the introduction of a new product, DMPA-SC. JSI supported the MOH in the development of a national scale-up plan, development of policies and standards that supported task shifting allowing new cadres to provide injectable contraceptives, financing efforts including costing the scale-up plan and mobilizing resources to fill the gap, and coordination and engagement of the private sector through the national FP private sector engagement policy. 
Market Shaping
Recognizing the value of all sectors—public, commercial, and nonprofit—we work in partnership to promote healthy markets, increase access and equity, and improve efficiency.
Through the USAID-funded Total Market Approach project, JSI helps the Nigerian government expand access to HIV services through the public and private sectors. We have oriented more than 300 private sector pharmacists on pre-exposure prophylactic medications (for referral and refill) and HIV self-testing, and are providing linkages to accredited local distributors and other sourcing information. 
Forecasting and Supply Planning
With decades of experience in forecasting and supply planning (FASP) for malaria, FP/RH, HIV, and other health products, our robust FASP processes contribute to market health, quality assured health commodities procured at best value, efficient use of commodity funding, greater choice for clients and improved health outcomes.
JSI’s Family Planning Access Project developed global forecasts for all injectables and modeled demand/supply scenarios of DMPA-SC on the existing mix through time. JSI’s forecasts helped donors manage their volume guarantee and coordinate procurement/supply plans in a constrained supply environment and the manufacturer, prioritize country registration, initially, and later amidst a change in API production location. 
Sourcing, Procurement and Logistics
With our affiliate, PFSCM, we have a network of over 200 suppliers, across geographic regions offering responsive, agile and resilient sourcing and procurement of pharmaceutical, diagnostic, medical device, and emergency response products.
In 2020, PFSCM procured more than $295.5 million in medical devices and delivered more than 1,693 shipments of 1,160 different kinds of health products to 86 countries.
Pharmaceutical Management
We support good pharmaceutical practices by strengthening policies and structures.
In Kenya, JSI and inSupply worked with the MOH and the pharmtech and pharmacist associations to change a policy for pharmacists, allowing them to administer depo-IM and DMPA-SC contraceptive injections. JSI then supported the development of a pharmacy curriculum for delivering injectable contraceptives, which was adopted by several pharmacy schools. Expanding the role of pharmacists led to increased access to high-quality services and products for patients.
Data and Digitization
Our digital solutions enhance data visibility and use to improve supply chain performance and increase transparency and accountability along the value chain.
Under the USAID-funded Digital Health Activity in Ethiopia, JSI supports the government to design, develop, deploy, and maintain a suite of linked information systems. This integration has improved data accuracy and provides up-to-the-minute visibility of health products coming into the country.
System Design
JSI adapts industry-standard network optimization tools and applies supply chain analysis to redesign public health supply chains for efficiency and resiliency.
JSI and inSupply Health worked with community actors and users of the health system to redesign a community health supply chain to remove supply chain and health system barriers affecting migratory populations in northern Kenya, resulting in a 40% increase in reporting rates in four counties.
Doctors using data to improve supply chains.
Supply Chain Manager's Handbook
Supply Chain Manager's Handbook

The Supply Chain Manager’s Handbook is the starting point for anyone interested in learning about and understanding the key principles and concepts of supply chain management for health commodities. The concepts described in this handbook will help supply chain managers that are responsible for improving, revising, designing, operating, and monitoring all or part of a supply chain. We wrote The Supply Chain Manager’s Handbook based on more than 40 years of experience improving public health supply chains in more than 60 countries. This handbook was recently updated in 2021.

Pipeline 5.2 Software
PipeLine 5.2 Software

The PipeLine software for procurement planning helps program managers enter and track critical forecasting data, plan and ensure timely procurement and delivery of products, and maintain stock levels between established maximum and minimum levels at the program or national level to prevent stockouts and overstocking. Policymakers, product suppliers, and donors can generate reports, monitor the status of shipments, and use the software as a key tool in program planning. PipeLine can be used for any type of health commodity.

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“At JSI, we believe access to healthcare is a right and not a privilege and that patients and consumers deserve on-demand access to quality health supplies where, when, and how they want to receive them at a price they can afford.” – Margaret Crotty, President, JSI


Our supply chain expertise is available through JSI and our affiliates across all sectors and levels of the health system – from global procurement and managing supplier contracts to in-country supply and delivery systems.

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