Women, Children, and Youth


Better Health Care to Improve the Lives of Women, Children, & Youth Around the World

The health needs of mothers and children—from infancy through adolescence—must be considered along a continuum and include services for both prevention and treatment. We help providers integrate services, for example, offering family planning services to mothers when they bring children for vaccines, to increase convenience and provide comprehensive care while saving time and money.

We are committed to gender equity and believe that all women, children, and youth should have access to health care regardless of their circumstances or where they live. We work to empower girls and women to enable them to improve their own lives, the lives of their families, and the conditions in their communities. Our role is to support, strengthen, and scale the programs that serve them.

We work with governments and providers to design and implement initiatives to improve education, health care, and access to medicines and other important health supplies. We offer training and technical assistance to support programs in safe motherhood, family planning and reproductive health, immunization, and nutrition. We also evaluate ongoing programs to identify and scale the most promising evidence-based practices.


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