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JSI's Pakistan Integrated Health Systems Strengthening and Service Delivery Project has introducted chlorhexidine to prevent umbilical chord infections.

New Video: Advocating for chlorhexidine scale-up in Pakistan

A family use a ferry to cross a tributory of the Congo River, near Isangi, Tshopo Democratic Republic of Congo on Friday, Nov. 24, 2017. In this region of the DRC thousands of communities remain without health centres and people often have to travel by pirogue to go for basic treatments and to deliver their babies. Infant mortality remains high and one in three babies will not make their fifth birthday. (Photo: KATE HOLT/ARETE/JHPIEGO)

Webinar from Child Health Task Force on Digital Tools for ECD and Child Health


Demographic Aging Trends in America: Expanding health policies beyond our cities

JSI's Maternal and Child Surival Program is helping to construct and rehabilitatewater, waste, and triage systems to improve WASH programming in Liberia.

Restoring Health Services in Liberia

JSI's Building Healthy Cities Program recently produced a video to highlight how the project is supporting urban planning in India, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

New Video: Building Healthy Cities Promotes Healthy Urban Planning

To help strengthen the routine immunization system in Uganda, JSI has supported the Ministry of Health working in 246 health facilities in Uganda.

Building Capacity of Health Facility Managers in Uganda: The Missing Link in Routine Immunization

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Our Health Services works with public and private sector clients throughout the United States to overcome complex health care challenges. We are successful because we achieve optimal results for our clients through collaborative, customized approaches and our shared desire to improve the health of individuals and communities, in particular underserved and vulnerable populations.

Improving the health of underserved people & communities

Our international work improves quality, access, and equity within health systems worldwide. We focus on multidisciplinary, gender-sensitive development approaches that galvanize countries, communities, families, and individuals to advance their own skills and create lasting solutions to their priority health and development challenges. Drawing on our experience in the field—with others in the private, governmental, and nongovernmental sectors—we shape and advance the global public health agenda.

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“We have fully sustained the YouForward program and are replicating it in a few new locations. We really appreciate JSI’s involvement early on in our sustainability process and I thought you’d all want to know because it is so seldom that sustainability efforts are successful in this way.”

MA Department of Mental Health

Massachusetts Department of Mental Health

“I just wanted to thank you all for putting on a great [HITEQ] webinar. We had great turnout and folks seemed very engaged! We really appreciate all the hard work that went into this event.”

HRSA/Bureau of Primary Health Care

“What JSI did with us was first and foremost; they strengthened our capacity to comply with U.S. government guidelines when it comes to funding. Secondly, JSI strengthened our capacity to be able to get to a point where we can comfortably apply for and manage funds from the U.S. government.”

Kenya National Organization of Peer Educators