About Us

Building Stronger Health Systems and Healthier Communities

We are more than 3,000 public health care and health systems consultants and researchers driven by a passion to improve health services and outcomes for all. Our fundamental goal is to ensure that all individuals can live their best and healthiest life, regardless of age or circumstances.

In pursuit of our goal, we provide innovative management consulting and technical assistance incorporating a broad range of skills. Founded in 1978, we collaborate with government agencies, the private sector, and local nonprofit and civil society organizations to identify and implement solutions to public health challenges.  These partnerships improve the quality, accessibility, and equity of health systems and lead to better health outcomes.

We work within communities and rely on local staff to ground our approach in a deep understanding of those who will benefit. While we promote using best practices and sharing solutions, we tailor strategies to each situation and seek creative options to meet clients’ needs.

We asked our JSI and World Education staff what they are most proud of in their work. This video captures just a fraction of the responses we received!

JSI is dedicated to improving people’s lives around the world through greater health, education, and socioeconomic equity for individuals and communities, and to providing an environment where people of passion can pursue this cause.

Our Leadership

Our leadership team supports our culture and technical excellence.

Staff at the upgraded laboratory at Pope John XXIII Hospital in Aber can now conduct 45 different types of tests. Photo by Angela Kateemu
JSI staff

Our Experts

We are professionals who are recognized for our technical excellence, commitment to public health and client satisfaction, and contributions to health care learning.

Our Affiliates

JSI’s affiliates work to improve lives in the U.S .and worldwide through locally developed and implemented health, research, and social development programs.

JSI is addressing gaps in the health supply chain of Tanzania by piloting the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and drones to deliver health products.
Joel speaks at a meeting held in JSI's Boston office.

Our Founder

Joel Lamstein founded JSI with Norbert Hirschhorn, M.D. in 1978. He was the president of John Snow, Inc. and the nonprofit JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. through 2021.

Our Climate Change Commitment

We understand that improved health cannot be achieved and sustained unless we simultaneously commit to supporting community-led adaptation and mitigating the consequences of climate and environment change.

Rice Fields in Madagascar