We can facilitate media inquiries on issues relating to JSI research and projects or regarding special areas of technical expertise. Responding to the most challenging health issues throughout the world, our programs address a broad spectrum of health concerns.

Our aim is to provide timely, objective, and accurate information to news media concerning research and projects conducted at JSI. Our communications team will do everything possible to assist news media representatives with their work, including:

  • Arrange interviews with relevant JSI staff and partners
  • Supply requested information and data
  • Organize filming and photography opportunities
  • Learn how health care reform in the United States is impacting various populations
  • Learn how U.S. foreign assistance is improving global health
  • Arrange visits to project offices and field sites
  • Learn about a broad range of health activities affecting U.S. and global health today
For more information concerning news or ongoing research and projects, please call or contact:

Mary-Kathryn Aranda
Associate Director, Communications