Improving Health Care Access, Quality, and Equity around the World.

Everyone deserves a healthy life. Ensuring that is our mission.

In countries around the world, we help strengthen health systems and improve the ability of local providers and communities to deliver health services and create a healthy environment.

Primary health care providers from Kemin rayon of Chui Oblast strive to provide quality care and support to TB patients.
The Community Health and Social Welfare Systems Strengthening Program supports the government of Tanzania to strengthen the country’s health system.


We take multidisciplinary, human-centered approaches to help government leaders, health facility staff, communities, families, and individuals gain the skills to solve their health and development challenges.

We believe that working together is the only effective and lasting way to overcome public health challenges. We work closely with donor agencies, national and local governments, private-sector firms, nongovernmental and faith-based organizations, and civil society groups to advance the public health agenda.


We work locally to equip health care providers, private-sector entities, communities, and individuals with the skills and abilities to deliver better care, and deliver care better. Our services are designed to foster self-reliance and resilience.

JSI will support the Government of Ethiopia to achieve the country's Information Revolution Roadmap through a new Digital Health Activity.

Since 1978, JSI has strengthened health systems and partner capacity around the world.

Years of Experience

For four decades JSI has helped shape and advance the global public health agenda.


JSI has implemented more than 2600 projects building health systems and people’s capacity around the world.


JSI partners with host-country experts, organizations, and governments to improve health systems worldwide. We focus on access, equity, and quality, using approaches that empower countries, communities, families, and individuals to advance their skills and create lasting solutions to health and development challenges. We draw from our experience in the field to shape and advance the global public health agenda.


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Yenealem Tadesse, QHA’s deputy chief of party
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New Leadership in Primary Health Care in Ethiopia

Kasifa Nakilima at her home in Nalukelo village, Bulage Sub County, Namutumba district on 5th May 2024 “Before PMI came in, we would be falling sick all the time. If not adults then the children. We spent most of our money in treating malaria in the clinics. Whenever my husband would run out of money he would become violent. We would always quarrel. But these days we know how to prevent malaria. We save money and home is peacefull” she said. Namutumba district in Busoga region is one of the high malaria burden districts. Through VHTs, PMI has supported the district in training communities in malaria management, the staff in records and malaria commodity stock management. Photo by Jimmy Adriko
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Breaking the Cycle of Malaria and Domestic Strife

School girls in Edo State proudly display their vaccination cards after receiving the HPV Vaccine.
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Building a National Campaign to Eliminate Cervical Cancer in Nigeria

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