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Leveraging the Private Sector to Improve Health Markets

The private sector is an important source of health care for a wide range of population segments. Partnering with the private sector and shaping markets to strengthen delivery, supply chains, financing, and policy is critical for improving equity in health care access.

We use a systems approach to strengthen the technical and organizational capacity of nonprofit, faith-based, and commercial private-sector organizations. This creates independent operating models that galvanize local organizations’ sustainability.

We engage with both the public and private sectors, facilitating dialogue and catalyzing opportunities to strengthen the role of the private sector in the delivery of services and products.

We use total market and market-shaping strategies for health that begin with the client. To us, a robust health marketplace meets the needs of all people, at all price points, and in all locations by offering options that span the economic, social, geographic, health, and psychological needs of the population.

With skillful analysis, facilitation, and implementation expertise, we have a strong understanding of the roles that both public and private sectors play in delivering on the promise of better health outcomes for all.


Scaling up new interventions
Working through private providers and networks, we have been instrumental in introducing new products as well as expanding access to key high-quality services into health systems, including through private-sector providers and religious networks. For instance, we have helped businesses provide HIV counseling and testing and family planning counseling and supplies to their workers.

E-learning to enhance private provider skills
We offer a range of training options to enhance private provider skills. Our instructional designers develop online courses from concept to production. We maintain a learning management system that supports online courses, face-to-face and instructor-led training, and blended-learning approaches.
We have developed short videos to train private providers and clients in Benin and Zambia on how to self-inject the contraceptive DMPA-SC. Through the AIDSFree project, we developed the Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) Online Training Hub, an e-learning platform that provides classes, resources, and communities of practice to help clinicians advance their VMMC skills and knowledge. The training hub has been rolled out in 14 countries and covers the didactic, theoretical information traditionally learned through in-person workshops.

Shaping local markets to increase access to RMNCH interventions
Examining services gaps and gauging local markets is critical as new products become available. We work to understand markets and facilitate dialogue and partnerships to convene people across sectors locally and nationally to expand access to innovations and share best practices.
We have piloted and scaled public-private partnerships globally to reduce newborn deaths by scaling up the use of chlorhexidine for umbilical cord care to prevent newborn sepsis. In Nepal and Nigeria, we identified and partnered with pharmaceutical firms to produce CHX locally and supported ministries of health to increase demand, availability, and use of CHX nationally.

Building local capacity
We have built the organizational and technical capacity of more than 100 local private-sector and health providers to improve service readiness, the quality and range of their service packages, and organizational and business skills, including governance, human resources, business development, and financial management. Our work has helped countless organizations to become more independent by building their skills to contract directly with government and other funders.


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