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Advancing Progress Toward HIV Epidemic Control

JSI has long been a leader of the global HIV response, helping to advance progress towards epidemic control for more than 30 years.We have been at the forefront of the global HIV response, working to advance progress towards epidemic control for more than 30 years. We provide quality,  contextualized services across the care continuum through direct, innovative service delivery and technical assistance to local partners;  systems strengthening in a collaborative partnership with all levels of government and civil society partners; and building commitment and capacity of our local partners as countries progress on their journey to self-reliance. We achieve this through:

Quality services across the care continuum

  • Provide high quality HIV testing services including self-testing, assisted partner notification/index testing, and recency testing
  • Implement innovative strategies to maximize pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) uptake and continuation across communities and in prisons
  • Increase uptake of voluntary male medical circumcision in priority age groups
  • Tailor prevention and care services for key populations, adolescents and men
  • Implement creative approaches to strengthen ART adherence and return clients to care, like the LPV/r Pellet Toolkit for pediatric care
  • Improve viral load coverage and achieve high rates of viral suppression

Collaborative health systems strengthening

  • Use human centered design to build tailored, relevant social and behavior change campaigns and program interventions
  • Assist government partners to develop national guidance and tools to provide a framework for evidence-based clinical practice
  • Introduce and scale up new medicines, technologies and other innovations
  • Build robust strategic information systems for individual client monitoring and early warning systems 
  • Build efficient supply chains for PrEP, condoms, ARVs, lab reagents and other essential commodities

Transition to local partners

  • Offer tailored capacity strengthening for rapid, steady, and responsible transitioning to local partners 
  • Implement an iterative co-creation approach to facilitate local leadership from inception
  • Employ adaptive tools to address the dynamic nature of growing systems,
  • Use JSI-developed, globally recognized organizational and technical capacity assessment tools (OCA/TCA) to assess and measure capacity needs
  • Employ flexible and innovative approaches to build capacity based upon local context and needs
  • Steadily measure progress towards transition while prioritizing sustainability and self-reliance.

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In FY21 (October 2020 to September 2021), JSI projects


Tested for HIV

Tested over 845,000 people for HIV.


ART Clients

Treated nearly 490,000 ART clients.


Enrolled on PrEP

Enrolled over 67,000 people on PrEP.


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