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Social and Behavior Change


Social and Behavior Change to Motivate Health Improvements

A health care system alone cannot make society healthier. Human behavior is a key driver. Social and behavior change communication is at the very core of any successful public health initiative.

With decades of experience working at national and local levels, with national and local partners, We have built strong, trusted relationships with country governments, civil society, communities, and private providers. This enables us to work closely with them to design social behavior change communication strategies that are led locally, fit the culture and context of focus communities, and promote sustainable, lasting change.

Our work incorporates a broad spectrum of activities and tools to reach and motivate intended audiences: mobile technology, mass media, social media, community media, interpersonal communication, group events, and social mobilization.

The initiatives we lead are grounded in research to understand the complex contextual and social determinants of behavior. We first learn about the drivers of specific behaviors and the hurdles to change in order to develop programs that can make a difference for individuals and communities. With all of our initiatives, we draw on our deep expertise in knowledge management to document and share best practices and lessons learned.

Our expertise includes:

  • Developing and managing large, complex social and behavior change programs.
  • Building partnerships at both national and local levels.
  • Employing new social and behavior change technology and techniques.
  • Incorporating social and behavior change activities into service delivery programming.

Knowledge Management

Products and services are becoming ‘smarter’ and more knowledge-based thanks to a host of technological and social developments. In this environment, the only way to document and share best practices and lessons learned is through effective knowledge management systems—a multidisciplinary process of creating, sharing, using, and managing knowledge and information.

We have a long history of conceptualizing, building, and managing knowledge management solutions across a number of technical areas including HIV, nutrition, supply chains, and community-based health systems strengthening.

We use human-centered design to develop complementary technology solutions such as secure, user-focused web platforms that are responsive and optimized to perform in low-bandwidth environments. We also help to create mobile applications and e-learning modules that are easier for intended users to access.

We work with clients to:

  • Develop and manage large-scale branded projects, including support for platform design, messaging, collateral production, publications, and targeted dissemination activities.
  • Build partnerships with local organizations to promote better use and packaging of data to influence decision-making.
  • Employ techniques, such as community media, to facilitate targeted knowledge sharing for behavior change tailored to remote communities.
  • Manage communities of practice to encourage knowledge sharing among global professionals.

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