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Capacity Development for Improving Sustainable Health Outcomes

Sustainable improvements to health outcomes depend on the ability of local providers, organizations—public and private, and both nonprofit and for profit—and governments to provide care and services. Developing their capacity is at the core of JSI’s work.

JSI’s Center for Capacity Development builds strong relationships with partners to promote accountability, transparency, and local ownership. Our aim is to develop stronger organizations—and thus a stronger health system—by enabling organizations and individuals to maximize their impact to fulfill their missions. We focus on mentoring partners’ to maturity while ensuring that health targets are achieved by combining technical support and organizational strengthening with the application of tools, assessments, and training.

Grants and other alternative financing (e.g., performance-based financing) are often provided to help local NGOs and new implementing partners to scale-up services. We have a long history of building capacity so groups can fit within their larger health system, and manage and report on the impact of the funds they receive and mobilize their own resources.

Watch a video of some of our partners highlighting JSI’s approach to capacity development: Building Partnerships for Lasting Impact.

Learn more about the JSI/World Education Center for Capacity Development.


Capacity Building

Our Approach
Sustainable capacity development is a collaborative process that requires time, commitment, and mutual respect. The best results are achieved in partnership.
We recognize and respect that every institution has its own identity, processes, and culture. While we have standard tools, we also customize our approaches to meet organizational needs and fit individual cultures and contexts. Our iterative approach to building capacity includes:
  • Assessing, strengthening, and supporting implementation
  • Designing or adapting practices
  • Measuring the effectiveness of outcomes
  • Reassessing and redesigning tools and support
Tools & Resources
We have a comprehensive portfolio of assessment and training tools, technical assistance, and other resources as part of our capacity-development initiatives. Through training modules, manuals, and job aids, we support our partners and clients in a number of technical and management areas including:
  • Grants management
  • Human resources
  • Financial management
  • Supply chain and risk management
  • Quality improvement
  • Data management and impact evaluation
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Mentoring and facilitation
  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing and resource mobilization
  • Networking and referrals
Organizational capacity assessment (OCA) tool. The OCA tool enables organizations to define a capacity-building improvement plan based on self-assessed need. We have developed OCAs for use with USAID and HRSA-funded organizations, non USG-funded organizations, and small community-based organizations. Contact us for more information.
Technical capacity assessment (TCA) tools. The 15 TCA tools provide organizations with criteria to assess their strengths and gaps in key technical areas.

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