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Human Resources are Critical in Strong Health Care Systems

The healthcare workforce is critical to the success of any program. It’s about hiring the right people for the right positions and making sure they have the training, tools, and resources to do their jobs—and are supported to provide services.

We help organizations manage human resources (HR) by providing technical assistance to ensure that policies meet standards, licensing, and accreditation requirements. We build organizational capacity to conduct training and use digital health and eLearning platforms to enhance communications with staff. And we promote best practices to retain health workers and ensure that a system operates smoothly and meets the needs of the people it serves.

At the country level, we help ministries improve national HR policies and information systems. We assist with leadership and governance at national, sub-national, and facility levels, and set up training, supervision, and retention programs for community health workers. We also develop and conduct staff and supervisors’ training in public health, clinical services, and gender and cultural competencies.

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