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The Center for Capacity Development at JSI and World Education defines capacity development as strengthening the capacity of systems and stakeholders—individuals, communities, civil society, governments, and the private sector—to achieve results.

We view capacity development as a deliberate, tailored process to strengthen an organization’s technical and organizational capacity by enhancing the knowledge and skills of its workforce and supporting its processes, systems, and programs. These efforts can support an organization develop partnerships, mobilize resources, achieve results, and influence broader systems change. 

The Center for Capacity Development houses a global team of experts and institutionalizes over four decades of experience and state-of the-art resources from thousands of projects from over 80 countries, including the United States, across both the health and education sectors.

Strengthening Capacity

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We work with organizations to leverage their assets, source support through multiple channels, enhance workforce knowledge and skills, improve programs, diffuse learning internally and sector-wide, and contribute to adaptive local systems and country ownership.

“The way [JSI] approaches us… it wasn’t prescriptive. It was really participatory and that was a real game changer.” -Matibabu Foundation, Kenya 

We serve as a resource to government institutions, non-governmental organizations, community- and faith-based organizations, the private sector, and service networks.

Since 2000, JSI and World Education have strengthened the capacity of


NGOs, CBOs, & FBOs


US-Based Community-based Organizations


National Governments


Private Health Facilities


Government Health Facilities & Schools


Private Sector Firms

Innovation thrives, communities benefit, and programmatic practices are advanced when our partners take on new challenges.

Areas of Technical Expertise

We recognize that stakeholders exist within a dynamic system and that there are diverse capacities at many levels within the system. As we work with stakeholders, we strive to understand both local systems and an organization’s culture and assets, and use this deep understanding to provide targeted support to meet a wide range of potential organizational needs.  

We build on successes and accelerate progress toward sustainable and thriving organizations— and thus stronger health and education systems—by using an iterative co-creation approach that positions organizations and JSI/World Education as equal partners; supporting the development of highly contextualized action plans to build organizational and technical capacity; providing customized technical assistance that meets partners where they are; and adapting our capacity development interventions through constant learning.

We provide tailored support in the following areas: 

Capacity Assessments: Review capacity strengths and barriers at multiple levels (system, network, organizational, individual) and develop a tailored action plan to strengthen assets and address barriers.

Capacity and Performance Measurement: Design approaches and metrics to measure the outcomes of the capacity development process and performance improvement.

Network and Systems Strengthening: Map and analyze networks and broader systems to understand how different stakeholders interact with each other and work to strengthen networks and systems.

Organizational Development: Provide technical assistance in the areas of leadership and governance, organizational management, program management, monitoring and evaluation, quality assurance, human resources management, financial management, administration, sub-grant management, and resource mobilization.

Workforce Development:Design workforce skills-building programs such as training, mentoring and coaching, peer-to-peer learning, and distance learning, and facilitate trainings and workshops.

Using proven tools and approaches, we tailor support for our partners, promote innovative solutions, enhance workforce knowledge and skills, build organizational systems, facilitate networking and peer learning, and strengthen local systems. 

Capacity Development is at the Core of What We Do

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Capacity Development


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“Bar Hostess has also played a big role in technical working groups because of the support offered by JSI. So, we are the ‘go-to people” the government calls when they want to learn what are the challenges the girls are facing on PrEP.” -Empowerment and Support Programme, Kenya 

The Center for Capacity Development at JSI and World Education hosts a global team of experts and institutionalizes over four decades of experience and state-of-the-art resources.


“Through this training held by JSI, I have gained a lot of knowledge about maternal and child health. My ambition now as a reproductive health volunteer is to succeed in educating my community to correct negative habits and practices.”

Haneen Fuad, a community reproductive health volunteer in Yemen trained by our Systems, Health and Resiliency Project

“The quality of technical assistance products and services developed by JSI for Title X grantees has been exceptional. The work products, including a web-based training portal, met and often exceed specifications… they demonstrate a commitment to continuous quality improvement.”

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Office of Population Affairs, HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, USA

“The trainings, constant coaching, and mentoring from World Education and Bantwana programs, grants, and finance teams have strengthened our financial management and fraud control, especially in our shift to online finance management.” 

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AIDS Information Center, Uganda

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