Immunization Service Experience Toolkit

Improving confidence, acceptance, demand, and uptake of vaccination through person-centered care

The Immunization Service Experience (SE) Toolkit consists of five products: Getting Started Guide, Explainer Video, Fact Sheet, SE Orientation Presentation, and Discussion Questions. The purpose of this toolkit is to introduce the concept of SE as it applies to immunization programs to country, regional and global audiences; and to provide this information in a user-friendly format for countries to begin addressing SE in their contexts. 

What is Immunization Service Experience?

Immunization service experience includes the factors within and beyond the interactions between a health worker and an immunization client which influence the delivery and experience of the immunization service. We invite you to watch the video below to learn more. Subtitles in English, French, and Portuguese are available. 

SE plays an important role in establishing trust and confidence in the health system and influences the use of services by clients and caregivers. Immunization SE considers various components at the individual, community, facility, and system levels, which affect either client or health worker and influence whether or not a client has a positive, person-centered, high-quality immunization service experience.

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The Toolkit

This toolkit has been designed for use by:

–  Country-level: Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) managers and staff at national and regional/provincial level) and implementing partners (e.g. NGOs, CSOs, WHO, UNICEF)

–  Global/regional level: Gavi, Core and Expanded Gavi Partners, Vaccination Demand Hub partners, and other funders and implementing partners

All products have been designed to be used together or individually, depending on the needs of your country or audience. Continue scrolling to download or learn more about each individual product, or download the complete toolkit by clicking the button below.

Getting Started Guide

The Getting Started Guide is a short reference guide that provides information on all products within the toolkit for users who may be leading discussions or activities.

SE Orientation Presentation

A modifiable PowerPoint presentation to fit your country’s needs. It is designed as a 1-hour session.

Explainer Video

A 2-minute video that explains the basics of SE. This can be shown during orientation sessions.

Fact Sheet

This 2-page document can be printed and shared as a useful quick summary on immunization SE.

Discussion Questions

These questions are designed to engage country-level participants in thoughtful discussions around introducing or strengthening immunization SE.

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