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Strengthening TB Service Delivery and Management Systems

We have worked globally to strengthen tuberculosis (TB) service delivery
and management systems in high-prevalence settings. Our TB work takes place JSI has worked globally to strengthen tuberculosis (TB) service delivery and management systems in high-prevalence settings.through all channels—strengthening government responses, building on existing networks, and expanding the role of communities in planning, implementation, and monitoring activities. We strive to improve program quality by refurbishing lab infrastructure, developing human resources, enhancing the health information system at all levels, and ensuring the availability of medicines that are essential for effective treatment.

To enhance TB prevention as well as diagnosis and treatment to completion among people who are infected, we focus on:

Delivery of quality services

  • Conduct TB detection and contact tracing in community, primary health care settings, and the private sector, including a focus on finding missing cases, DR-TB cases, and case detection in hot spots and prisons
  • Improve treatment completion rates for drug-susceptible and drug-resistant TB
  • Support programmatic management of DR-TB, including surveillance, referrals and linkages to care and treatment, and use of short-term regimens
  • Conduct testing for TB/HIV co-infection
  • Implement TB preventive therapy (TPT) programs targeting PLHIV, children, and other high-risk groups
  • Mentor and build capacity of health care workers on TB-specific interventions
  • Perform active cohort analysis for retention and active follow-up of clients to ensure that clients complete their treatment
  • Improve documentation and data management across all TB-related registers and reports
  • Establish quality improvement practices for DS-TB and DR-TB

Partnership with host governments to strengthen health systems

  • Strengthen laboratory services and TB diagnostic network by improving sample referral and transport mechanisms, extending laboratory work hours; and improving GenExpert utilization;
  • Improve infection control in facilities and laboratories
  • Support host government ownership and accountability of their national TB programs through grants awarded to accelerate country progress towards TB eradication on the journey to self-reliance
  • Provide technical assistance on TB case management, infection prevention and control, and financing
  • Collaborate with national partners to strengthen data systems for TB, including developing standards on monitoring and evaluation, conducting assessments on the quality of services; and improving use and expanding dissemination of existing TB data


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