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Building Family Planning Program Capacity to Better Serve Communities

Family planning saves lives and empowers women to improve their family’s health, education, and financial stability. We work with governments, NGOs, and private sector partners to overcome the challenges facing girls, women, and men in accessing family planning services including a lack of complete and accurate information, poor facilities, limited access, and supply chain bottlenecks.

We build local capacity by training health workers in the most up-to-date approaches to family planning counseling and introduction and use of contraceptive technologies.

Working with the public and private sectors, we promote contraceptive security—including supply management—to ensure that people can choose, obtain, and use high-quality contraceptives for family planning and prevention of STDs.

In our dedication to ensuring that women have access to the methods that meet their needs, we advocate for family planning integration with other basic health services such as postpartum care, immunization, WASH, and HIV prevention and care at the primary care level, among others.

We also have shepherded policies to increase the contraceptive method mix in a country, as well as approaches such as community health worker task shifting and introducing community-based family planning services, including self-injection of DMPA-SC.

Other expertise includes:

  • Streamlining clinic services and efficiency
  • Delivering commodities to remote health posts
  • Helping governments and partners gather and use data to improve family planning health system performance

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