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Family Planning & Reproductive Health


Strengthening health care systems for equitable and inclusive family planning services for women and girls

Family planning saves lives and gives women the opportunity to enhance their families’ overall health and well-being. JSI collaborates with governments, nongovernmental organizations, private sector partners, and community networks to increase equitable, affordable, and sustainable access to high-quality family planning and reproductive health services, products, and information tailored to community and client needs. We do this by facilitating community-led processes and strengthening the capacity of local partners to co-design and scale practices that sustain gains in family planning outcomes and improvements in healthy behaviors and practices.

We train health care professionals in counseling techniques for family planning and the effective use of contraceptive methods. We partner with the public and private sectors to ensure availability and proper management of contraceptives so that individuals can make informed choices about their family planning needs.

Our work extends to advocating for policies that integrate family planning into overall primary health care services and supporting comprehensive health systems strengthening. This approach guarantees women have access to family planning methods tailored to meet their individual and family needs, while addressing gender-based violence and other critical health concerns within a holistic health care framework.

Two young people, a teenaged boy and girl, speak with an adult about family planning and reproductive health


where JSI collaborates with governments, NGOs, private sector partners, and communities to increase equitable, affordable, and sustainable access to high-quality FP and reproductive health services.



where JSI implements to advance the health and well-being of women, adolescent youth, and communities.



where JSI provides support in family planning counseling, integration, youth-friendly services, and more.

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Family Planning Reproductive Health International

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