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PipeLine 5.2 User Manual


This publication is a compilation of three essential guidance documents for the Pipeline Monitoring and Procurement Planning System.

PipeLine 5.2 User Manual

The Pipeline Monitoring and Procurement Planning System (PipeLine) was designed to help program managers monitor the status of their product pipelines and product procurement plans. PipeLine provides information needed to ensure the regular and consistent stock of products at the program or national level. Consistency of stock is the first step in meeting the basic objective of any logistics system and ultimately providing products to clients.

PipeLine 5: An Addendum to the PipeLine 4 User’s Guide

This release of PipeLine Monitoring and Procurement Planning System (PipeLine) addresses issues that existing users indicated were important to them. The revisions do not significantly change PipeLine’s purpose; the changes acknowledge that PipeLine is now used for many products other than family planning. The changes reflect the increasing complexity of forecasting for multiple products, new systems being used to schedule shipments within the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT and Supply Chain Management Systems (SCMS) project, and the vast number of products that data users must now regularly update. This addendum to the PipeLine 4 User’s Guide describes the software enhancements in detail; it refers to the existing sections of the PipeLine 4 user’s guide for additional instruction, when necessary. This section explains how to install PipeLine.

New Features and Known Issues in PipeLine 5.2

PipeLine 5.2 is an updated version of PipeLine 5.0 that includes several important new features and fixes bugs found in PipeLine 5.0 after its release in May 2010. This document updates “PipeLine 5.0: An Addendum to the PipeLine 4.0 User’s Guide.”

Download the PipeLine 5.2 Software.

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