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Monitoring, Evaluation, & Learning for Evidence-Based Health Initiatives

In today’s complex public health environment, policymakers and managers need sound data to guide planning, manage programs, and track performance. They also need systems and people who can use evidence to solve health problems, target resources, and ultimately improve the lives of women, men, and children.

Through JSI’s Center for Health Information, Monitoring & Evaluation (CHIME), we enable countries to respond to emerging health program challenges using data-driven adaptive management practices. We use rigorous research methods to examine development challenges and evaluate health interventions across multiple countries, enabling a holistic understanding of public health issues. Our analyses shape technical and organizational policy and practice at both country and global levels.

Our funders and collaborators include USAID, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UNICEF, UNFPA, Gavi, The Global Fund, and other public and private institutions.


International Monitoring, Evaluation, & Learning

Program and Policy Design, Implementation Science & Impact Evaluation
We have extensive experience designing and measuring the effects of health programs and policies. We conduct implementation research to assess health service delivery models and integrate continuous learning into program strategy.
Data Use for Adaptation & Learning
We have a long history of collaboration with partners and fostering teamwork that emphasizes strategic and real-time data collection and review. We build capacity and confidence to use data for decision-making. We also use emerging information to examine implementation strategies.
The long-term outcomes of these approaches is continuous program improvement, innovation, and testing new ideas for scale and adaptation.
Data Visualization & Analytics
We make data useful by turning it into creative, strategic displays. Great visualizations make data easier to analyze, interpret, and use for decision making.
We package information according to client need. This ranges from simple briefs to comprehensive, interactive dashboards.
Data Quality & Improved Health Information System Performance
We build robust health information systems that capture and communicate data in a timely and reliable manner for evidence-based decision-making. We develop tools and resources that help people assess data quality and system performance to improve resilience and sustainability. 

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