Sustaining Trauma-Informed Services in School-Based Health Centers



California School Based Health Centers Association


United States

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There is growing recognition in the health field that exposure to trauma, especially in childhood, has a wide range of short-and long-term impacts. In 2014, fifteen school-based health centers (SBHCs) in Alameda County received a 3-year grant to expand trauma-informed services for students and the school community.

As the grant term ends, JSI is working with the California School-based Health Alliance to identify ways that the health centers can continue trauma-informed work. Our approach includes:

  • Inventorying the services that have been provided including screening, group interventions, individual treatment, teacher training, crisis response, care coordination, etc.
  • Engaging with SBHC staff and experts in the field to explore existing sustainability plans and the viability of a wide range of funding sources including Medi-Cal billing and reimbursement, state and county funding mechanisms, and external grant funding.
  • Developing recommendations on funding sources for trauma services in schools and a planning tool for use by SBHCs.

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