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HIV and Infectious Diseases


Increasing Access to Treatment and Services for HIV and Infectious Diseases

Since the beginning of the epidemic, JSI has been committed to the fight against HIV. We collaborate with organizations to develop, implement, and evaluate prevention programs and to improve health service delivery for people who live with HIV and syndemics, including sexually transmitted infections (STIs), viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, and substance misuse. The core of our work is capacity development so that upon completion, our projects leave stronger systems, organizations, and individuals.

We aim to improve and sustain access to health and social services for underserved communities through respectful and long-term partnerships with federal agencies, health departments, state legislatures, and community-based organizations (CBOs), coalitions, health centers, and hospitals.

We bring both professional and personal experience to our work. Our staff includes individuals who live with HIV, clinicians who provide HIV care, and experts who are engaged with national and local organizations. We are dedicated to the goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy and now, the Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America.

Our work is coordinated through the JSI Center for HIV and Infectious Diseases, established in 2001 to bridge our U.S. and international work and strengthen the delivery of our HIV and infectious disease services.

For nearly 30 years, we have provided technical assistance and training to recipients of the federally funded Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program and have been instrumental in reviewing and assessing key policy issues.

We have the expertise to:

  • Deliver high-quality training and technical assistance to help CBOs, health centers, health departments, and HIV planning groups across the U.S. implement and sustain HIV prevention and care services.
  • Leverage progress in science and health care, including pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), early uptake of antiretroviral therapy and Treatment as Prevention, to address persistent health disparities in PrEP use and along the HIV care continuum.
  • Evaluate and improve health care systems in the context of an evolving policy landscape
  • Use digital channels and tools to promote prevention and treatment adherence and to decrease stigma.
  • Build provider capacity to use data and quality improvement practices to support integration of infectious diseases including HIV, STIs, viral hepatitis, and latent tuberculosis.
  • Assess and build provider capacity to prevent and control infectious disease in long-term care and health care facilities.

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