The Center for HIV and Infectious Diseases at JSI and World Education

The Center for HIV & Infectious Diseases mobilizes JSI and World Education’s state-of-the-art technical expertise from more than 300 HIV and infectious diseases projects in over 73 countries. From long-term public health priorities including HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria, to emerging pandemic threats including coronavirus and Ebola, we design, implement, evaluate and support highly effective public health programs. Our work achieves immediate outcomes while considering social determinants and structural barriers, both in program design as well as during implementation. Drawing on our success in the United States and internationally, our experts strengthen health systems, support effective community-led responses, and promote health care access and engagement.

From HIV to COVID-19, the Center for HIV & Infectious Diseases supports our clients with proven public health approaches to reduce the burden of pandemics, epidemics, and outbreaks.

Between October 2022 and September 2023, JSI:

People tested for HIV
HIV self-test kits delivered
HIV cases identified
People receiving antiretroviral therapy
Virally suppressed
People enrolled on PrEP



From policy formulation, planning, materials development and training/technical assistance to program evaluation and dissemination, the Center for HIV & Infectious Diseases brings extensive expertise implementing and building the capacity of HIV and infectious disease programs in the United States and around the world. Domestically and globally, we implement innovative projects across the continuum of care.

  • High-quality HIV testing services including self-testing, assisted partner notification/index testing, and recency testing
  • Innovative strategies to maximize pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)  uptake and retention
  • Increasing uptake of voluntary male medical circumcision in priority age groups
  • Tailored prevention and care services for key populations, adolescents and men
  • Data-driven approaches to strengthen ART adherence and reengage clients in care
  • Evaluating and disseminating emerging strategies across the HIV care continuum
  • Improving viral load coverage and achieving high rates of viral suppression
  • Early warning prevention and response systems >that keep girls in school and HIV-free
  • Family-centered, layered approach to improve resilience among vulnerable families to cope with effects of HIV
  • Training and TA to promote systems strengthening, service integration, health care access, and service delivery planning for organizations and jurisdictions in the U.S.
  • Programmatic and policy evaluation for national and jurisdictional initiatives
  • TB detection and contact tracing in community and primary health care settings
  • Improving treatment completion rates for drug-sensitive and drug-resistant TB
  • Strengthened laboratory services and TB diagnostic networks
  • Improved infection control in health care facilities and laboratories
  • Data visualizations and libraries of best practices, information, and materials for data analysis and use
  • Technical assistance and training on implementation of best practices and emerging strategies across the TB continuum
  • Data-driven insights from experts on using TB data for decision-making
  • Quality of TB Services Assessments, including customizable tools to fit different country priorities and contexts
COVID-19 and other infectious diseases
  • Building surveillance systems to track emerging outbreaks and trigger responses
  • Technical support on procurement and supply chain management to ensure the ongoing functionality of the health system
  • Supporting ministries of health to prepare for emerging pandemic threats through simulations and contingency planning 
  • Engaging communities in planning and responding with accurate, timely health information through trusted channels
  • Rolling out online in-service training for health workers to acquire critical skills quickly
  • Promoting innovative solutions to maintain jurisdictional service delivery planning infrastructure
  • Building local capacity to implement telehealth and other digital solutions, and navigate technology access barriers<
Cross-cutting expertise
  • Using human-centered design and person-centered care approaches to design fit-for-purpose interventions and make mid-course corrections
  • Establishing strategic information management systems and deploying digital tools
  • Supporting timely decision-making with dashboards and data visualization strategies
  • Comprehensive capacity development for local partners, including sub-grants, organizational development, and technical skill building
  • Designing robust evaluations to learn, monitor, and improve public health interventions
  • Strengthening national and local government to coordinate HIV-sensitive case management systems
  • Amplifying investments in innovative HIV strategies through public-private partnerships


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 JSI Partner and Family-Based Index Testing eCourse

The JSI Partner and Family-Based Index Testing eCourse is designed for HIV testing providers, managers, and supervisors working in health facilities and community HIV testing services (HTS) settings. The goal of the provider’s version of the course is to enable learners to attain the skills required to provide index testing to eligible clients in an effective and safe manner. The goal of the supervisor’s course is to enable managers and supervisors to attain the skills required to manage and supervise index testing activities in an effective and safe manner.


JSI builds on successes and accelerates progress toward sustainable and thriving local organizations—and thus a stronger health system—by working with partners to end HIV and TB. We use an iterative co-creation approach that positions local organizations and JSI as equal partners. For more than 40 years, JSI has applied capacity development approaches and tools to strengthen local partners and communities to efficiently implement projects and achieve their collective goals.


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The Center for HIV & Infectious Diseases at JSI and World Education hosts a global team of experts and institutionalizes over four decades of experience and state-of-the-art resources.

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