U.S. Ambassador Visits JSI’s Activity in Uganda’s West Nile Region

March 29th, 2024 | news


Ambassador Popp reads the malaria surveillance chart that shows the trends of malaria cases in West Nile region. Photo: Jimmy Adriko for JSI

The U.S. Ambassador in Uganda William W. Popp visited our PMI Uganda Malaria Reduction Activity (MRA) last week during its health camp in West Nile, Uganda. The camp offered onsite malaria, HIV, and TB screening, testing, and treatment. It also provided maternal and child services including testing pregnant women for malaria, HIV, TB, and hep B, and malaria prevention therapy.

At the camp, Ambassador Popp spoke with attendees including a woman with malaria who was supported by village health teams (VHTs) trained in integrated community case management. She appreciated that VHTs are available to treat people with malaria—even those who live far from health facilities—promptly.

The ambassador also heard from VHT members about malaria prevention practices. A plant specialist showed him more than 10 locally available plants that are proven and used to repel mosquitoes, reflecting the community’s organic, sustainable, and cost-effective approach to malaria control.

Ambassador William Popp interacts with a mosquito repellent specialist on the locally available mosquito repellent plants used in the region as an added malaria prevention measure. Photo: Angela Kateemu, JSI

Ambassador Popp helped distribute bed nets to attendees, underlining the U.S. Government’s commitment to ensuring that people have access to essential malaria-prevention tools.

Malaria-related deaths in West Nile have decreased from 21% in 2019 to 12% in 2023. PMI MRA’s efforts prove the ability of integrated health interventions to reduce malaria mortality rates, and are contributing to a healthier future in West Nile and beyond.

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