Responding to COVID-19

Strengthening Health Systems to Respond to Pandemics

We are helping countries, states, public health agencies, and facilities deliver services that meet people’s needs and are resilient enough to withstand shocks, such as that of COVID-19.

We are committed to continuing our work to strengthen health systems and improve services—and ultimately, people’s health. During this crisis, we are helping clients across the globe through preparedness planning, infection prevention, and supply procurement and supply-chain management to maintain the flow of medicines, supplies, and services.  JSI is also at the forefront of COVID vaccine introduction, helping governments to develop the systems to manage the vaccine process, training providers in product management and delivery, and coordinating information sharing with the public and private sectors, and traditional leadership to sensitize communities. 

Geoffrey Engur helps his son Obong Christ undo his mask to produce sputum for testing during a TB screening at Namasale Health Center III in Amolata District. Three years in to the project, RHITES-N, Lango has reached almost 10,000 clients with TB services in the region. The five-year USAID funded project supports and estimated 2.3 million people living with HIV across the nine districts in the Lango sub-region.
Pandemic Perspectives
Pandemic Perspectives: COVID-19 What’s Next Series

The global pandemic highlighted challenges within the health care system and created a demand for rapid innovation.

In this series, our US-based staff share their perspectives on the Pandemic Response, the lessons learned, and the solutions that could shape the future of public health.

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