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Preventing Disease by Strengthening Immunization Partnerships and Programs

Immunization is a proven intervention to prevent severe illnesses and help people of all ages live longer, healthier lives.

We collaborate with governments and local providers in more than 50 countries to ensure the delivery of high-quality immunization programs, whether in remote areas or fast-growing cities. We are committed to reaching underserved populations and ensuring equitable access to immunization everywhere, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.

We support countries to strengthen and sustain routine immunization programs while implementing catch-up efforts for zero-dose (unimmunized) and under-immunized children.

We are world leaders in building effective routine immunization systems, introducing new vaccines nationwide, and improving the quality, timeliness, and use of immunization data at all levels of the health system. We equip local providers with the technical expertise to expand programs and apply tailored solutions to community and client needs.

To realize the ambitious goals of Immunization Agenda 2030, we work to make immunization an integral part of broader health systems, paired with other essential services to expand reach and ensure effective use of resources.

We are at the forefront of shaping global immunization policies and strategies and helping countries implement them. This includes tailored support to more than 20 countries in Africa and Southeast Asia to ensure effective supply chain systems and vaccine management, build capacity of providers who deliver immunization services, and reduce barriers to access.

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Data Quality Improvement and Use

While data-driven immunization programs can improve access, use, and performance, routine immunization and new vaccine introductions still face significant challenges collecting and using high-quality data for planning, management, and performance monitoring and improvement.

We help program managers create, revise, and monitor immunization data systems, visualize, and triangulate between sources for use at the level where it is generated. Learn more. 

Developing Person-Centered Services and Partnering with Communities

At JSI, we focus on the immunization service experience, which considers both the health provider and the caregiver, as well as factors that influence a provider’s ability to offer person-centered, high-quality care. We emphasize the importance of partnering with communities to ensure that services are meeting community needs. Learn more. 

Ensuring Effective Immunization Supply Chains and Logistics

Successful immunization service depends on an appropriate supply of vaccines, skilled health care providers, and a well-functioning cold chain and logistics system. Immunization supply chains are essential for ensuring access to vaccines that prevent disease and protect the health of individuals, families, and communities.

We work with local governments and global partners to create and manage efficient supply chains that enable the safe delivery and storage of vaccines in all settings. Learn more. 

Introducing New Vaccines and Strengthening Routine Immunization Systems

With long-standing experience supporting countries as they introduce new vaccines, we work to strengthen routine immunization systems and ensure high-quality services as new vaccines are integrated into the routine immunization system. Learn more. 

Reaching All Populations

To extend the benefits of vaccines to everyone, everywhere, immunization programs must focus on specific subpopulations. We work with national and sub-national governments and partners to design and implement approaches for subpopulations such as those living in urban or rural areas, zero-dose children, infants, adolescents, or adults. Learn more. 


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