Data Quality Improvement and Use

While data-driven immunization programs can improve access, use, and performance, routine immunization and new vaccine introductions still face significant challenges collecting and using high-quality data for planning, management, and performance monitoring and improvement.

We help program managers create, revise, and monitor immunization data systems, visualize, and triangulate between sources for use at the level where it is generated. We improve data gathering and analysis at national levels while filling sub-national gaps, including in poorer-performing districts and facilities.

We strengthen the quality of data provided and used at facilities, districts, and nationally by providing technical support and building capacity of health workers, community health partners, and health facilities to use data and indicators for real-time decision making at the point of generation.

Project in Focus

Rapid Immunization Skill Enhancement in India

JSI is developing the Rapid Immunization Skills Enhancement (RISE) package with a capacity-building framework to cater to different levels of health personnel vis-a-vis program managers, medical officers, health workers, and mobilizers in India.

JSI is implementing RISE under the Gavi Health System Strengthening Phase 2 Grant for India. The objective of RISE is to develop a constructive, interactive, continuous, and an adaptable knowledge-building system for different levels of health personnel regarding the recent guidelines and updates in the Universal Immunization Program. The RISE package will be developed with JSI’s BRICKS capacity-building framework in mind to cater to program managers, medical officers, health workers, and mobilizers. The key feature of this framework is an integrated/ blended-learning approach in which skills or learnings at each stage of training build off each other.

Mrs. Asha Devi from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh shows how she is using the RISE training tool on her smartphone.