Eric Turer

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Senior Consultant, U.S.

New Hampshire

Eric Turer has over 25 years of policy- and program-level experience dedicated to improving primary care access for rural and underserved populations. He has directed JSI projects related to primary care access and quality, provider workforce adequacy, and the shortage designation process, as well as the related safety net programs that rely on them. Eric has developed many key components of the data collection and analysis systems that inform federal and state agencies’ programmatic decisions on policy and resource allocation, as well as fulfilling agency and Congressional reporting requirements. His approaches to applying data and technology to identify a need and evaluate program and policy effectiveness have changed how communities and governments interact to solve problems. Eric's work converting voluminous data on the Community Health Center program into actionable dashboards and analytic maps forms the basis of many agency decisions. His work with providers and claims data sets to analyze access to primary care have fundamentally changed how areas of need are assessed at the federal and state levels. Eric is president of the New England Rural Health Association and has an MBA in health services administration.

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