Wyoming Primary Care Access Analysis and Provider Shortage Designation Support



Wyoming Department of Health


United States

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JSI is providing comprehensive support to the Wyoming Primary Care Office in developing data and systems to assess and enhance access to care in the state, and to develop and maintain federal shortage designations, including Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) and Medically Underserved Areas/Populations (MUA/Ps). The analyses covers the three primary care disciplines of medical, dental, and mental/behavioral health care.

The project involves analysis and integration of provider workforce data, Medicaid claims data, and underlying demographics of the population. As part of this work, JSI has surveyed health care providers in the state and quantified their current capacity, the nature/setting of their practice, and acceptance of Medicaid and Sliding Fee payment. JSI has also used the Medicaid claims data to conduct origin-destination analyses of primary care, dental, and mental health visits from each zip code to map patterns of care and to calculate key factors such as the average drive time to services, coherence of care seeking patterns, primary destination, and fraction of care exceeding access goals. The data is integrated into a comprehensive GIS mapping project that brings the various data sources together and permits rapid analysis of the designation potential of areas of the state, as well as showing the care seeking patterns gleaned from claims. JSI is currently applying for access to similar Medicare data to use for comparison to the Medicaid claims patterns. The data and maps derived from the Origin-Destination Analyses and mapping will be used as the basis to construct a statewide rational service area (SRSA) plan, as mandated by the federal Bureau of Health Workforce.

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