JSI’s first project in Benin was the USAID-funded ENTERPRISE Initiative, which was implemented in 1985 and worked to increase and improve family planning services at both for-profit and nonprofit health clinics. Soon thereafter, JSI implemented the Resources for Child Health (REACH) project, followed by the Basic Support for Institutionalizing Child Survival (BASICS) program. JSI has continued working to strengthen maternal and child health services, and has innovated and improved systems providing basic health services and commodities—particularly related to malaria supplies—to those in need.

JSI has worked to reduce the impact of malaria on the public's health through improving the supply chain, outbreak response including forecasting for indoor residual spraying, and improvement of the routine malaria information system. In addition, JSI's work under the MotherCare Project for integrated materal care included improved antenatal care, malaria prevention, and nutrition.

JSI’s current work in Benin focuses on improving community health, including in urban and peri-urban areas, through USAID’s Advancing Partners and Communities project. APC / Benin provides technical assistance to USAID / Benin and technical support to the Ministry of Health and local NGOs to implement high-impact interventions at the community level.

JSI is also leading the national Sayana Press rollout as part of the larger community-based access to injectables (CBA2I) strategy, in collaboration with the Benin Ministry of Health and the Beninese Association for Family Planning. Sayana Press is an innovative, easy to use contraceptive which provides three months’ protection from pregnancy. This high-impact practice is expected to increase access to and use of family planning, thus contributing to Benin’s goal of increased contraceptive prevalence. Through the APC project, JSI is training 1,000 community health workers to deliver Sayana Press in communities in 10 health zones, covering nearly a third of the country. JSI is also developing a training curriculum on injectable contraceptives—in particular Sayana Press—at the community level. JSI will introduce these training modules into the curriculum at l'École Nationale de Formation Médico-Sociale by the start of the 2018-2019 academic year.

JSI is also improving the availability and use of home-based records for immunization, as one step in strengthening children’s health system.


View details: IVCC Indoor Residual Spraying Forecasting

IVCC Indoor Residual Spraying Forecasting

JSI is supporting IVCC with forecasting NGenIRS requirements, and setting up sustainable IRS forecasting processes through conducting regional workshops and developing a forecasting tool and guide.

View details: Advancing Partners & Communities

Advancing Partners & Communities

JSI is supporting and advancing community programs in more than 30 countries that seek to improve local health services, especially those related to family planning.

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From 2006 to 2016, JSI procured $923 million worth of safe and effective malaria commodities; delivered them to 27 countries; strengthened malaria supply chains; improved supply chain visibility and accountability; and built local capacity.

View details: USAID | DELIVER PROJECT: Emerging Pandemic Threats

USAID | DELIVER PROJECT: Emerging Pandemic Threats

JSI managed a stockpile of outbreak response commodities, and provided procurement and distribution services to respond to outbreaks from avian flu to ebola worldwide and to pre-position supplies at regional and country levels for rapid deployment.

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