Public Health Supply Chain Management Resources and Tools

JSI has compiled a list of resources and tools based on more than 30 years of experience improving public health supply chains in more than 60 countries.


The Supply Chain Manager’s Handbook is the starting point for anyone interested in learning about and understanding the key principles and concepts of supply chain management for health commodities. The concepts described in this handbook will help supply chain managers who are responsible for improving, revising, designing, operating, and monitoring all or part of a supply chain.

Quantification of Health Commodities: A Guide to Forecasting and Supply Planning for Procurement offers technical advisors, program managers, warehouse managers, procurement officers, and service providers with a systematic, step-by-step approach to quantify health commodity requirements and costs.

Getting Products to People Collection represents JSI’s adaptation of commercial sector approaches for public health and includes various resources.

The OpenLMIS community, repository, and software is the first open source logistics management information system for medical supply chains designed specifically to meet the requirements of low-income countries.

And a wealth of curated materials related to Costing Public Health Supply Chains, Family Planning and Public Health, Malaria, and Emerging Pandemic Threats.

Key documents

  • Getting Products to People: A strong health system cannot function without a well-designed, well-operated, and well-maintained supply chain management system. The JSI Framework for Integrated Supply Chain Management in Public Health draws from commercial sector best practices to solve problems in public health supply chains. This animated video features JSI's approach to integrated supply chains
  • Visibility and Analytics Network: Learn about JSI's visibility and analytics networks, an adaptation of the commercial sector control tower approach, which gives in-country supply chain managers real-time data to mitigate breakdowns in supply chains as they occur.
Posters Staff posts on JSI's blog, The Pump.


Supply Chain Compass Tool: Supply Chain Compass provides a quick, high-level diagnosis of how mature your public health supply chain is across key managerial and functional areas.

Pipeline 5.2 Software:  PipeLine is a desktop software tool that helps program managers plan optimal procurement and delivery schedules for health commodities, and it monitors their orders throughout the supply chain.