JSI understands that the success of any business enterprise depends largely on the health and well-being of its employees. The workplace is a particularly effective setting in which to promote better health practices and expand access to essential health services; workplaces provide built-in community and resources, and a shared incentive to keep fellow employees healthy and productive. JSI has been an innovator in implementing effective programs that operate within the workplace to create sustainable health systems.

JSI has worked internationally to expand access to workplace programs in the public, private, and informal sectors, promoting behavior change and incentivizing management to adopt health plans. We have had success advising workers on health issues ranging from HIV to family planning and have fostered linkages and referral systems with community partners to increase access to essential health services for employees and their dependents. JSI brings its breadth of knowledge and experience to the effort to train business leaders and build both institutional and human capacity to transform workplace communities into empowered, health-conscious communities.


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