Capacity Development: Tools and Resources

JSI and World Education have developed a comprehensive portfolio of assessment tools, technical assistance, training tools, and resources as part of our capacity development initiatives. Training modules, manuals, and job aids to support our partners and clients in a number of technical and management areas include: management of grants, human resources, finances, supply chain, risk; quality improvement; data management and impact evaluation; monitoring and evaluation; mentoring and facilitation; strategic planning, sustainability and resource mobilization; networking and referrals. To contribute to meaningful capacity building, these tools must be adapted to context in close consultation with partners and clients.

Assessment Tools

The two major tools used in the capacity building process of NGOs, the Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) and Technical Capacity Assessment (TCA) were initially developed with Initiatives, Inc. under the USAID-funded New Partners Initiative Technical Assistance (NuPITA) and the CDC-funded Technical Assistance to New Partners Initiative (TA-NPI) projects. Both sets of tools have since been revised and updated for use in other contexts and countries.

JSI’s Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) tool. OCA participant copies are now available. JSI’s OCA has been adapted to incorporate disabilities mainstreaming. We have also developed OCAs for use with HRSA-funded organizations, non USG-funded organizations, and small community-based organizations – please contact us for more information.

Technical Capacity Assessment (TCA) Tools. The 15 Technical Capacity Assessment tools listed below provide organizations with criteria to assess their current strengths and gaps in key technical areas. TCA participant copies are now available. Please contact us to receive facilitator copies, including detailed discussion questions.

JSI’s webinar series, "Enhancing Organizational Performance & Impact," addresses the growing and diverse field of capacity development.

Connecting Organizational and Technical Capacity
October 10, 2013
In this webinar, JSI and one of its partners, the National Organization of Peer Educators (NOPE) in Kenya outline the successful JSI approach to working with local organizations to make the connection between the organizational capacity assessment (OCA) and technical capacity assessment (TCA) tools.

Developing Capacity through Grants
November 13, 2013
This webinar identifies how grants can be leveraged to deliberately build in support to strengthen and transform organizations and highlights JSI’s capacity development interventions in selected grants programs.

Responding to Shifting Demands: A New Generation in Capacity Development
December 12, 2013
JSI staff who work on capacity building projects in the United States, discuss how policy and programmatic trends in the US as well as improvements in technology have encouraged this evolution.

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