Jordan UNICEF Neonatal Mortality Study

Dates: 2009-2013

Country: Jordan

Client(s): UNICEF

Technical Expertise: Newborn and Child Health

Despite considerable efforts to increase the quality of primary health care--including antenatal, neonatal, perinatal care, and maternity services--in Jordan, the national neonatal mortality rate remains high at 15 neonatal deaths per 1,000 live births. While pregnant women have excellent access to care--98.6% deliver in hospitals--high neonatal mortality suggest that deficiencies in the Jordanian health care system still exist.

The Neonatal Mortality Study in Jordan is an 18-month UNICEF-funded study to determine factors associated with neonatal mortality in that country; identify at which points in the health care system improvements can be made to better prevent neonatal deaths; and make recommendations to resolve deficiencies in the reporting and health care systems across the country. The results of this prospective population-based study will help to clarify health system delays contributing to neonatal death and identify subtle changes that can be made to increase neonate survival in Jordan.

John Snow, Inc. is conducting this study with the Jordanian Higher Population Council, the Jordan Ministry of Health, and the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST).