Regional Health Integration to Enhance Services-North, Lango (RHITES-N, Lango)

Country: Uganda

Client(s): USAID/Uganda

Services: Technical Assistance, Capacity Development

Technical Expertise: Maternal, Newborn & Child Health, Health Systems Strengthening, HIV, Nutrition

With a population of 2.1 million people, the Lango sub-region of Uganda has experienced two decades of conflict. With an already-fractured health system, Lango’s health indicators lag behind national statistics. For example, HIV sero-prevalence in Lango is 10.1 percent, higher than the HIV reported national average (7.3 percent).

The USAID-funded Regional Health Integration to Enhance Services-N, Lango (RHITES-N, Lango) project will improve the use of integrated health services in Northern Uganda’s Lango region and strengthen the health system to sustain these gains. Working through a life-cycle lens, the project will contribute to improving key population-based national health indicators.

RHITES-N, Lango will build the capacity of the Ugandan government to carry out a sustainable and locally-driven response to the HIV epidemic, while also improving TB, malaria, nutrition, MNCH+A, and WASH outcomes.

JSI will work with Ugandan stakeholders to design and implement health system strengthening strategies to scale up high-impact, evidence-based interventions at the national, sub-regional, district, and community levels. Interventions will include VMMC, virtual elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, antiretroviral therapy, and condom education and distribution. JSI will focus where the greatest impact can be realized, with a priority on hard-to-reach and high-HIV-prevalence locations.

RHITES-N, Lango is a five-year contract. The JSI team includes Amref Health Africa, Africa CUAMM, Another Option, and Medical Concierge Group, a small Ugandan organization.