Cultivating Nutrition in Senegal

Country: Senegal

Client(s): USAID/Senegal

Services: Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research, Technical Assistance, Knowledge Management

Technical Expertise: Nutrition, Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation

Cultivating Nutrition capitalizes on the expertise and experience gained in Senegal from the Yaajeende and SPRING projects. Cultivating Nutrition builds on the foundation of Yaajeende, which, among other impacts, demonstrated a significant reduction of child stunting (30%) and reduced poverty by 7% in 800 villages, lifting approximately 56,000 people above the poverty line, despite four years of recurrent crises. These important achievements in health and nutrition are being consolidated, replicated, and scaled throughout the zone of influence (ZOI) in Senegal through this Cultivating Nutrition project.

Cultivating Nutrition is an integrated project and partnership effort under USAID's Feed the Future Initiative designed to contribute to the Government of Senegal’s efforts to increase the consumption of nutritious and safe diets in the Feed the Future zone of influence. The project's goal is improved livelihoods and nutritional status of vulnerable populations. In support of the goal, the project aims to improve the livelihood and nutritional status of vulnerable households in targeted communities in 150 municipalities in 10 regions (3,500 villages, reaching 285,000 households).

Cultivating Nutrition is a five year USAID-funded projected implemented by National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA)-CLUSA, the prime, with technical assistance from JSI and other partners.