Core Project External Evaluation

Countries: India, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania

Client(s): Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Service: Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research

Technical Expertise: Family Planning & Reproductive Health, Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation

JSI is the external evaluation partner on the Core Project. The Core Project, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and implemented by M4ID, offers new framing for understanding women's life-course journeys toward health and well-being. M4ID is using human-centered design (HCD) processes to identify and test solutions for meeting women’s sexual and reproductive health (SRH) needs in low- and middle-income countries, primarily India, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Kenya. Through implementation and a directed learning and engagement strategy, Core aims to catalyze the adoption of HCD-driven solutions and solution-generation processes among BMGF and country partners (funders, policy makers, planners, and implementers).

As the external evaluation partner, JSI will document and assess Core’s experience and approaches and evaluation findings will inform Core’s and the Foundation’s strategies. JSI’s external evaluation of Core will support Core’s mission and improve understanding of the role of HCD in shaping solutions related to SRH and well-being and improving their uptake among women and girls. The evaluation methodology will use qualitative and quantitative measurement approaches to examine program processes and effects, explore how change emerges, and why certain factors play a bigger role in driving change than others.