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Expanding services, integrating primary care with subspecialty services, and improving care management

Telehealth programs provide U.S. community health centers with an opportunity to extend services and access to specialization to their clients that might not otherwise be available in their immediate community.  

Access to high-quality health care is of utmost importance as rural areas encounter barriers including consistent provider shortages, hospital closures, and lack of proximity to services. Our work is oriented around supporting clients to discover the ways in which telehealth can facilitate equitable access to health care for individual patients and populations. 

Telehealth delivery requires transformation at all levels of health care provision, administration, and leadership. Such work requires fundamental re-thinking of teamwork and practice workflows or risks aggravating/perpetuating health disparities. 

We work with our partners to:

  • Identify patient and populations telehealth needs and gaps in care 
  • Align organizational strategic plans to patients’ digital and in-person needs
  • Utilizing data to inform telehealthcare provision
  • Enhance team-based care functioning in the context of telehealth provision
  • Develop sustainable telehealth models
  • Incorporate a digital and health equity lens
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