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Advancing Health Equity to Provide Better Health Outcomes for All

Despite advances in health care, many people face discrimination and disenfranchisement that results in significant health disparities. Turning this around requires consistent application of a health equity framework built on a deep understanding of social, economic, environmental, and cultural determinants that affect access to health care services, as well as historical factors that shape people’s environment.

We have been working to reduce health disparities for more than 40 years, helping state and federal governments and communities extend health care to underserved people, including members of racial and ethnic minorities, people with limited English proficiency, and people who are developmentally challenged.

We co-develop strategies with the communities to help reduce disparities. We work alongside communities to facilitate the creation of cultural and gender-appropriate services in areas such as mental health, substance use disorder, chronic disease, HIV prevention, and women and child health.


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