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Health Information Technology to Support Responsive, Patient-Centered Health Systems

Medicine doctor hand touching laptop and tablet computer interface as medical network connection with icon modern on virtual screen, Digital healthcare, medical technology network and innovation conceptAdvances in health information technology are critical to the nation’s push for a less costly, higher quality health care system. For more than 10 years, we have been dedicated to helping federal and state agencies, foundations, hospitals, community organizations, and private health care practices evaluate, monitor, and implement cutting-edge health information technologies to improve care while being more efficient.

We collaborate with clients to ensure that each develops the best possible strategy to evaluate its health technology needs, including telemedicine, build capacity for quality improvement and reporting, monitor progress, and assess outcomes. We offer expertise, notably in maximizing information technology gains through systems that integrate health care among providers, foster patient engagement, and promote patient-centered medical homes.


Needs Assessment & Strategic Planning
Evaluate the overall needs and objectives of health care organizations and provide short- and long-term recommendations that support capacity building and maximize available technology solutions.
Review & Evaluation
Work with state and federal agencies to monitor and evaluate government-funded health grants and contracts, including evaluating the impact of health IT and synthesizing lessons.
Health Information Exchange
Plan and implement health information exchanges that enable automated information sharing.
Program Registries & Data Warehouses
Plan and implement advanced data collection and management solutions to streamline patient recordkeeping.
Data Management & Reporting
Integrate data management, analysis, and reporting with health information exchange and data storage solutions.
Training & Technical Assistance
Develop and provide educational sessions on various IT topics. We provide technical assistance to individuals as well as communities in tandem with provided services.
Geographic Information System
We use geographic information systems to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and present data by location. Learn more.

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