Alcohol, Opioid, and other Drug Misuse Policy & System Improvements

JSI has supported data collection and analysis, literature reviews, best practice recommendations, and other assessments to inform policy improvement at the state, community, industry and practice levels. JSI’s policy work relative to substance use disorders has included analyses and recommendations relative to public school policy, primary care practice, third-party payer policy, state and federal legislation related to substance use and mental health parity, and naloxone access and distribution.

Featured Projects
Projects in states involve multiple aspects of the continuum of care and policies relative to one or more substances of potential misuse.

MA Health Policy Commission. JSI helped the commission assess the availability of medication assisted treatment among state-funded and/or Medicaid providers and correctional facilities to develop policy recommendations to improve access to MAT. Target Substance (s): Opioids

Through the New Hampshire Center for Excellence, JSI works on multiple policy-related activities including an assessment of school alcohol and drug policies and the development of top 5 actions schools can take to prevent and reduce youth alcohol, tobacco and other drug use. JSI also worked with the state to develop an emergency response to the opioid crisis through a large-scale naloxone distribution plan that necessitated  policy changes to allow naloxone access to friends and family and to treatment agencies.

JSI also worked with the NH Department of Health and Human Services on the advisory group for Medicaid Expansion that brought a newly established substance use disorder benefit to the state’s Medicaid population as well as crafted the guidance by which substance use treatment and mental health counselors would meet qualification criteria for the new benefit. JSI also participated in a panel convened to make recommendations to lawmakers relative to changes in marijuana laws. Target Substance (s): Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana, Opioids, and Other Drugs