The tobacco epidemic is considered one of the largest public health threats the world has ever known, killing up to half its users, or more than 7 million people a year. JSI has been working to reduce tobacco use in the U.S. for more than 20 years through education, prevention, treatment, and systems change initiatives.

JSI continues to work with federal, state, and private partners to combat tobacco use even as the epidemic evolves into the electronic age with smokeless products, combustible devices, and continued marketing aimed at building child consumers.

Featured Tobacco Work:
Funded by MA Department of Public Health, JSI provided education, prevention, and system change initiatives during our 14-year tenure (2001-15) managing the tri-state-funded Smokers’ Helpline and Resource Center. This project had a major impact in three New England states, serving over 141,000 residents of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. Our nationally recognized QuitWorks program gave health care providers information and tools to help people quit. JSI collaborated with hundreds of health care institutions and  community-based organizations to extend the reach of the Helpline to all who might benefit from its services. Our work contributed to the reduction in tobacco use prevalence rates in all three states. 

IMPACT: JSI’s Responsive Tobacco-cessation Resource Center Led the Way for other Tobacco Helplines Nationwide


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