Community Health Centers

The contributions community health centers make to the communities they serve are seen every day in the form of healthier newborns, higher immunization rates, and better health outcomes for adults with chronic illnesses. Federally qualified health centers provide critical care to the nation’s most vulnerable people while running a highly complex, yet nimble and responsive organizations.

Health Center Challenges

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) poses both opportunities and challenges to organizations that address the needs of the underserved and uninsured. For many health centers, the expansion of Medicaid made possible by the ACA potentially brings new clients, and expanded insurance opportunities mean that clients will be able to choose where they get their health care. These new factors mean that health centers will have to focus on their competitive advantages to remain relevant.

JSI works with safety-net providers across the country to implement the law’s provisions and to overcome the challenges it presents. JSI also has the expertise to guide health centers through national and state health care reform and to strategically position them for continued success.

JSI Services

JSI staff have experience in all areas of governance, operations, strategic planning, and compliance. We help Centers put systems in place, create efficient daily operations, and prepare for operational site visits.We specialize in helping center staff and governing boards understand health center program requirements.

  • Operational and financial management:
    Our operational management expertise allows JSI to guide health centers seeking recognition as patient-centered medical homes, forming or joining Accountable Care Organizations, entering into risk-based payment arrangements, or adding capacity in response to growing demand.
  • Strategic planning:
    JSI’s structured yet flexible approach to strategic planning includes internal and external environment analysis, SWOT analysis, and retreat facilitation.
  • Operational Site Visit preparation:
    JSI’s internally developed processes and tools emulate the HRSA Operational Site Visit. Pre-operations assessments are conducted by senior consultants who have participated on HRSA site-visit teams.
  • Board training and development:
    Programs include recruiting board members, strategic planning, health center program requirements, federal and state health policy initiatives, and how to structure and manage an efficient and effective board.
  • Community outreach programs:
    JSI brings a unique blend of expertise in health literacy, cultural competency, and use of social media for outreach and engagement—each essential for recruiting and retaining patients.
  • Grant writing:
    JSI expertise in community needs assessments, program planning, budgeting, and evaluation results in competitive applications for Section 330 grants, FQHC look-alike designations, and Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation grants, among others.

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