Evaluation of the Services to Help At-Risk Elders Age in Place (SHARE) Program

Dates: 2011-2012

State: Massachusetts

Client(s): Administration on Aging, Boston Medical Center

Service: Applied Research & Evaluation

Technical Expertise: Aging

For older homeowners, a critical key to aging in place is affording their current housing. Any sudden event (e.g., loss of spouse, an accident, or severe illness) can quickly lead to economic hardship or homelessness. These individuals are typically unable to effectively access and use existing social services on their own. It is suggested that without case management services, 40% of formerly homeless adults would relapse into homelessness. These older adults are unlikely to be re-housed because housing providers are unwilling to take a risk with someone who has previously failed at living independently.

Through a grant funded by the Administration on Aging, Boston Medical Center implements the SHARE program to provide comprehensive, individualized, ongoing case management targeted to the specific needs of older adults who are at risk of becoming homeless. JSI was subcontracted to conduct the monitoring and evaluation of the program to 1) improve the quality of program, 2) meet the emerging needs of the participants, and 3) determine the short and long-term impact of the program on the knowledge, skills, and behaviors of participants.