Healthy Connections Capacity Building TA Project

Dates: 2007-2008

State: Colorado

Client(s): Full Circle Projects

Services: Health Information Technology, Training & Technical Assistance

Technical Expertise: Health Care Reform, Health Information Technology

The Colorado Health Foundation's vision is for Colorado to become the healthiest state in the nation. A key factor in achieving this goal is to improve access to high-quality health care for low-income, uninsured populations in Colorado. The Healthy Connections initiative was designed with this goal in mind. The Foundation engaged Full Circle Projects, a California-based consulting firm, to manage this initiative. Full Circle Projects has subcontracted JSI to provide the technical assistance to the clinics who are recipients of the Capacity Building grant awards.

In an effort to improve efficiencies in the health care system, reduce the rate of preventable medical errors, and close the gaps in the delivery of quality care for underserved populations, the Foundation has undertaken a multi-year initiative to improve the health information technology (HIT) capacity of providers serving low-income, uninsured Coloradans. Twenty-one grantees across Colorado were selected to receive funding to improve their information technology capabilities. Grantees range from a single-location independent clinic that serves less than 2,000 patients annually, to a 14-site rural FQHC system that serves approximately 55,000 patients annually.

In support of the Healthy Connections initiative, JSI conducted detailed capacity building assessments of each grantee and developed a Technology Roadmap to guide them going forward. The assessments evaluated the domains of Leadership and Vision, Technology Management and Support, Data Informed Decision Making, and Operations and Organizational Work Flow, which then led to scoring the domains on a Technology Capability and Maturity Model.