Marketing the Immunization Message in New Hampshire

Dates: 2012-2013

State: New Hampshire

Client(s): NH DHHS Division of Public Health Services

Service: Health Communication

Technical Expertise: Immunization, Health Disparities

For several years, NH's childhood immunization rates were ranked among the top in the nation, and overall adult rates remained high, which poses a challenge as the pockets of disparity are distributed throughout the state. As new vaccines and vaccination schedules are developed it is critical to continue educating consumers and health care professionals with clear, timely updates and information. JSI worked with the New Hampshire Immunization Program (NHIP) to increase the immunization rates of NH adolescents and adults by supporting informed, enhanced vaccine-decision making, and advancing the understanding of the health benefits of vaccines and immunizations.

As part of this project, JSI developed a multi-sector, multi-media, cohesive and comprehensive campaign and worked with stakeholders in non-traditional sectors to increase vaccination awareness, promote "community immunity", and increase immunization rates. In the first phase of the project, JSI re-branded the NHIP logo, developed conference displays for multiple audiences, re-messaged existing educational material, organized a statewide conference for health professionals, and is currently awaiting approval for the development of a new website. JSI provided a high level of logistical support in the development, organization and management of the NHIP's annual conference and selected educational and novelty materials aimed at improving childhood immunization rates.

All project activities are the direct result of a JSI led statewide qualitative assessment process, which resulted in a strategic recommendation report and defined all future project activities.


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