Assessing the Montgomery Cares Program

Dates: 2009-2010

State: Maryland

Client(s): Montgomery County, Maryland DHHS

Service: Health Care & Public Health Planning

Technical Expertise: State and Local Public Health, Health Care Reform

In May of 2009, JSI was hired by the Montgomery County, MD DHHS and the Montgomery Cares Program to assess the management and governance structures of the Montgomery Cares Program. The program has had outstanding achievements since its inception and on the whole functions well. However, the County and its Community Advisory Board appreciate that there is room for improvement and that they must strive to ensure that all of the county's low income, uninsured, and otherwise vulnerable populations receive the care and services they need. In light of this, JSI conducted a comprehensive series of interviews with the Montgomery Care Program's partners and other key stakeholders in the community as well as a formal review of best practices among other similar, nationally recognized programs. Ultimately, JSI developed a series of recommendations regarding how the current governance and management structures could be improved.