Evaluating Healthy Communities Capacity-Building Efforts

Dates: 2016-2017

States: Kansas, Missouri

Client(s): Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

Service: Applied Research & Evaluation

Technical Expertise: Healthy Communities

The Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City (HCF) is dedicated to the mission of providing advocacy, resources and leadership to eliminate barriers and promote quality health for the uninsured and underserved. Since 2005, it has invested over $200 million in 3 counties in Missouri and 3 counties in Kansas.

Healthy communities is one of three HCF priority areas with the goal of increasing access to healthy food and safe environments to be physically active and to support prevention of tobacco use. Beginning in 2012, HCF began diverting a small part of its annual allocation for healthy communities grants to a technical assistance fund. This funding stream had earlier focused on individual level change. After focusing more broadly on policy level change/community mobilization, HCF realized that many applying organizations were struggling with the shift. Technical assistance was seen as a way to build capacity among organizations to increase their readiness to conduct this work.

JSI has been funded to evaluate, document and understand the activities associated with the over 1 million dollars invested in these activities.